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Establishing a New Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in establishing a new scholarship benefitting Sisters High School Students. You make Sisters a better place by contributing to the educational future of the young people of our community. Sisters Graduate Resource Organization (Sisters GRO) is a nonprofit corporation that manages and distributes local scholarships.

Our mission statement asserts: To help Sisters High School graduates achieve their educational aspirations, inspiring them to give back by becoming more.

Your investment will offer students a sense of place and belonging grounding him/her in a shared commitment to the future, whether it’s further job training or supporting their art, business or educational goals. Students gain allies, mentors, and financial support. The community gains young people with vision.

Sisters GRO provides support services at varying degrees to four categories of scholarships: Nonprofit Entity Scholarships, Private Donor Scholarships, Business Scholarships, and SHS Related Scholarships. Sisters GRO also offers two options of award disbursements: directly disbursed or Sisters GRO pass-through fund disbursed scholarships. Minimum award is $1,000.

We are excited to assist you through the process of establishing an educational scholarship. If you would like to take the next step in establishing a new scholarship, please fill out this file and email it to
Tiny PDF Icon New Scholarship Worksheet