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Scholarship Process and Tips

 Sisters GRO: Six Steps to Scholarship

  1. Complete the FAFSA application online at Be sure to record your EFC # and save your Student Aid Report to submit for your Sisters GRO scholarship application. (note: you may still apply for Sisters GRO scholarships if you do not qualify for federal student aid.)
  2. Obtain your unofficial transcriptfrom the SHS Student Services Office (Rick Kroytz) or request a digital copy (PDF) online at: This will be used to fill in courses and number of credits, but you will also need to a digital copy to upload a PDF to your application.
  3. Reflect on school and community activities and fill out an Activities Chart to prepare a log of your experiences for your app. Activities Charts can be picked up at the Student Services Office.
  4. Identify eligible scholarships by completing the eligibility form which is the first page of the Sisters GRO scholarship application: (note: you are only able to fill this page out ONCE. To be sure to do so correctly, you may practice on this live demo page:
  5. Select the scholarships that you want to opt-in to and apply There is a general written essay and some scholarships request additional short essay responses as well. Prepare accordingly so that you have time to complete the applications without rushing.
  6. Request letters of recommendation from community members based on specific scholarship criteria.


Check out this video for an overview of the Application Process

Sisters GRO - 6 Steps to Scholarships  -


TIPS:  Here are a few helpful tools to make the process easier . . .


Still have questions?  Contact the ASPIRE office.