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Graduation Requirements & Information


CreditsCurriculum Credits

  • English: 4
  • Mathematics: 3 (must be Algebra 1 & above)
  • Science: 3 (including lab experiences / scientific inquiry)
  • Social Science: 3
  • Physical Education: 1.5
  • Health: 1
  • Applied or Fine Arts and or Foreign Language Combination: 3
  • Elective Credits: 7.5
    Total 26 Credits


Oregon State Testing Requirements

Essential Skills: All students must pass their reading, writing and math essential skills.

The Nine Essential Skills are cross-disciplinary skills that students should be developing across grades K-12.  Three of the Essential Skills are graduation requirements:

  • Read and comprehend a variety of text
  • Write clearly and accurately
  • Apply mathematics in a variety of settings

Students prove that they have mastered these Essential Skills by earning at or above a cut score on one of the approved assessment options (Smarter Balanced, ACT, AP, PSAT, SAT or Work Keys).


Sisters High School Honors Diploma

DiplomaIn addition to the requirements for the Sisters High School 26-credit diploma, a student earning an Honors Diploma will be required to complete the following:

  • Mathematics: 4 + Science: 3 or Science: 4 + Mathematics: 3
  • Foreign Language: Two years of the same language
  • 28 total credits
  • Clustered Electives: 2
  • Community Service or Leadership: 0.5
  • Cumulative, weighted GPA of 3.5 at the end of the 11th trimester of high school
  • A capstone class in three of the four content areas:
    – Science (Chemistry, Physics, or AP Biology)
    – Math (Math 111/112 or AP Calculus)
    – English (AP English)
    – Social Studies (AP US History)
  • Honors students must successfully complete Career Related Learning Standards: Problem Solving, Communication, Teamwork, Employment Foundations, and Career Development. They will also need to participate in a Career Related Learning Experience and complete an Extended Application project.

The Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be chosen from the Honors Diploma recipients. The highest GPA’s will be honored as Valedictorian and Salutatorian. The Advanced Placement (AP) classes that are weighted will be a key determining factor. Students who complete all AP classes with an “A” and have “A” grades in all other classes and qualify for an Honors Diploma will be Valedictorian.