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Outlaw Aviation Academy Course Descriptions


Airplane FlyingThe Outlaw Aviation Academy is a unique experience for high school students to earn credits and gain real world experience through the lens of aviation. Students participating in the academy can begin building skills and gaining knowledge necessary for a career in aviation while in high school.


Course Offerings:

Launching Into Aviation

An introductory course into the world of aviation. In this one semester class, students will gain a foundational understanding of all aspects of flight. Through a partnership with the AOPA High School Aviation Initiative, students will explore career paths and opportunities in aviation, history of aviation, basic aerodynamics, meteorology, physics, airplane instruments, aviation charts, navigation, weight and balance, and the prediction of airplane performance. In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in an introductory flight provided by local Experimental Aircraft Association pilots. This experience automatically enrolls students in the EAA Young Eagles and will enable the students to access Sporty’s Pilot Shop online private ground school course.


Private Pilot Preparation

This is a year-long comprehensive private pilot ground school instructed by an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. The course is a practical and an academic pursuit, incorporating elements of chemistry, physics, mechanics, navigation, meteorology, and physiology as well as the legal, emergency, communication procedures all pilots must know. The final activity in this class is taking the FAA written private pilot knowledge test which covers these subjects in a comprehensive way, and serves as an authentic evaluation of student learning. Students who receive a passing grade on this examination will be ready for the next steps on their way toward their private pilot’s license. Although the ground school portion of this class has been paid for by Sisters School District and a scholarship granted to each student by Sporty’s Pilot Shop and the Experimental Aircraft Association, to be successful in this class, students are encouraged to complete at least 30 hours of actual flight instruction from an FAA Certified Flight Instructor during the school year. This represents a financial investment of approximately $6000 per student, and although some of this may be covered by grants-in-aid, students are responsible for funding their own flight training through successful scholarship applications or personal support by their families and friends. Due to FAA age limitations, students should only be enrolled in PPP if they will be turning 16 years of age during the course.

Prerequisite: Launching Into Aviation


Aircraft Simulator Internship

Students will receive FAA certified flight instruction as part of their training toward earning a Private Pilot’s License. This internship class should be taken concurrently with Private Pilot Preparation.

Prerequisites: Launching into Aviation, Instructor approval


Meteorology (COCC Dual Credit Course)

A survey course in atmospheric science that covers weather basics and atmospheric circulations. Included is a systematic development of the following: the atmosphere, energy and temperature, wind, atmospheric moisture, horizontal and vertical pressure patterns, clouds, atmospheric circulation, stability, air masses, fronts, fog, icing, thunderstorms, jet streams and turbulence. Students will study surface weather observations, routine weather reports and forecasts, surface maps and constant pressure maps.


Advanced English: Aviation

The Aviation Literature course is designed to expose students to the rich history of aviation while reinforcing and building the necessary reading, writing, and presentation skills needed to succeed in the field of aviation and beyond. Students will be expected to complete a biography and presentation highlighting the achievements and struggles of a famous aviation iconic figure. Finally, students in the Aviation Literature course will read several non-fiction and fictional aviation-related selections. This course will culminate with a presentation of knowledge on an aviation literature related topic of the students choosing.