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Foreign Language Links


This page has links for websites that contain information for Foreign Language students.

Foreign Language Links



Learn how to pronounce the Spanish Alphabet, all the letters by themselves and in several words. Click any of the letters of our Spanish alphabet and by clicking different symbols in the new window you will learn in a moment all the secrets of the alphabet in Spanish.

Picture Dictionary
This is the English / Spanish version of Little Explorers Picture Dictionary with approximately 1,500 illustrated dictionary entries.

Pronunciation Study Spanish is a language resource site has fifty different topics that cover the basics of speaking Spanish vowels and consonants. Includes audio examples..

Rosetta Stone
Everything they do at Rosetta Stone revolves around a simple idea: learning a language should be fun, easy and effective

Telling Time
Telling time is a matching activity designed to help you learn how to tell time in Spanish.

Verb Conjugation Trainer
The Spanish Learn it Online website will help students get better at conjugating verbs in Spanish. NOTE: The site includes ads.