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Foreign LanguageChinese

We offer Chinese in six levels in the Sisters School District. Students can begin Chinese at the Middle School, as early as the seventh grade, and can complete two years of Chinese for high school credit before beginning the ninth grade at the high school. They can merge into Chinese 3 at that time, if they so choose that option. Students who begin Chinese upon entering high school can complete up to four years of Chinese, if they so choose. Chinese 4 and 5 are AP courses. In addition to David Perkins, we have three native speaker Chinese teachers sponsored by Hanban, a part of the China Ministry of Education.

Our curriculum uses a text and workbook entitled “Easy Steps to Chinese” and corresponds to ACTFL standards. Students who continue their Chinese study in college are often able to quiz out of Chinese levels 1 and 2 at college level.

Also beginning in 2017, through working with the GRO scholarship program, we are offering scholarships to graduating seniors who plan to either major or minor in Chinese in college, and who have taken a minimum of two years of Chinese at Sisters High School. We are very excited about this new opportunity!



The Spanish classes at Sisters High School provide an immersive experience into the language, culture, and history of the Spanish-speaking countries of the world. Students will be given opportunities to use the language in a variety of modalities: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Class activities are built using a conversational format and students are expected to use the language on a daily basis. Authentic music, stories, and movies add richness and depth to the curriculum.