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The Arts


The ArtsThe Sisters High School Art program seeks to expose students to the world of visual arts, experience a wide variety of 2D and 3D media, experiment with multiple approaches to design problems, and foster character, independence, and responsibility. First and foremost, we want students to discover their own creative voice and understand the importance of both their verbal and visual literacy in our culture through the visual arts. We want students to experience transformation and growth, learn decision making skills and intention in their process, gain technical competence and skill, discover through investigation and risk-taking, discover their originality and become an innovative thinker, and learn to ‘see’ like an artist sees. Learning to work independently and managing yourself and your time is extremely important, but we also give students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers towards a common goal.


The Arts Teach Children:

  • to make GOOD JUDGEMENTS about qualitative relationships that problems can have MORE than ONE solution
  • to SEE and INTERPRET the world and celebrate multiple perspectives
  • to SURRENDER to the unanticipated and to be WILLING to proceed anyways that the limits of our LANGUAGE do not define the limits of our COGNITION that SMALL DIFFERENCES can have LARGE EFFECTS
  • to LEARN TO SAY what cannot be SAID
  • to DISCOVER the range and variety of what we are capable of FEELING
  • to RESPECT others and embrace DIVERSITY
  • to have an OPINION and SELF-EVALUATE
  • to start a DIALOGUE and break away from STEREOTYPES
  • to appreciate BEAUTY and value AESTHETICS
  • to learn from their MISTAKES
  • to CLEAN UP after themselves
  • to BUILD their ABILITIES
  • to EXPRESS themselves and find their VOICE