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SHSOnlineLearningSisters High School sophomore Peyton Myhre has a packed and challenging school schedule that includes both AP and honors classes. To help fit all these classes into his life, Myhre is taking advantage of an online learning program at Sisters High School.

“It relieves the stress load,” Myhre explained.

The program, which is held in the school library, allows students to take courses online and work on their own, instead of in a traditional classroom setting. The option has a dual purpose. It gives high achieving students like Myhre a way to fit in extra credits. It also gives students who are behind or who don’t learn as well in a conventional classroom setting a way to catch up and work at their own pace.

“We want to provide education options that meet the individual learning needs of all our students,” said Mark Stewart, the district’s director of special programs. “Online learning is available for all grade levels throughout the district.”

Due to scheduling conflicts with his other classes, junior Jake Larson couldn’t fit in the Global Studies class he needed. Larson decided to take the class online and is happy he did.

“You have to focus a little more and learn on your own, but it’s all the same information and it’s more relaxing,” said Larson.

Junior Hogan Hernandez also has a lot on her plate with a challenging and full class schedule along with fall and winter team sports. She is taking Global Studies A & B online to fit everything in.

“It’s like study hall for me,” Hernandez explained. “I like being able to work at my own pace to complete my credits.”

Mario Saraceno, the program’s coordinator, helps answer questions and provides one-on-one support to students. Saraceno enjoys working both with students who want an extra challenge and those who need help catching up.

“Seeing those students who fell behind earn the credits and graduate successfully is one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” Saraceno said. “When you help a student understand math who really believed they couldn’t do it, it’s pretty rewarding. It’s great when they get to that moment where they realize they can actually do it.”